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We provide solutions in all sectors of the PV market
Photovoltaic module anatomy
Bruk-Bet Solar is focused on the highest quality components that make our modules. Each element of our photovoltaic module is carefully selected according to strict quality standards.
Frame:: Anodization 15µм
Glass:Glass thickness 3,2 mm with antireflective surface
EVA sheet: PID Free
Cells: PERC Technology
EVA sheet: PID Free
Backsheet :Enhanced resistance for UV light
Our products
Bruk-Bet Solar offers a wide range of multicrystalline, monocrystalline and BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) modules, which are produced using standard cells and those made in innovative PERC technology, improving the efficiency of the product.
We are characterized by quality
Meet our experts
Bruk-Bet Solar is not only a product, it is also the people who create it thanks to a wealth of knowledge, passion and commitment. Do you have questions? Contact our experts.
Paweł Bień
Managing Director
M: +48 500 009 260
Paweł Banuch
Production Director
M: +48 500 009 373
Dawid Rogoziński
Export Sales Manager
M: +48 500 009 380


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Bruk-Bet Solar increased its production capacity fourfold

Bruk-Bet Solar, a Polish producer of photovoltaic modules, has increased its production capacity four times in its production plant in Tarnów, from 30 MW to 120 MW per year. By investing in a new production line, Bruk-Bet Solar is…